General Litigation

Before a dispute turns toxic, call us. We've been able to help resolve many problems on behalf of our clients - whether through negotiation or court action. Here's just some of what we do.

PROPERTY DISPUTES - We've represented many clients over the years in disputes involving real property ownership, boundaries, easements, land use or access.

LANDLORD/TENANT - Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, when you've got a dispute over a lease agreement, we can advise you, negotiate with the other party and, if necessary, go to court on your behalf.

BREACH OF CONTRACT - From home improvement contracts to contracts to buy and sell businesses, if it can go wrong, we can help right it.

ESTATE LITIGATION - We can help when it comes to challenges to the validity of a supposed will, to a plan to distribute an estate, or any other dispute that arises in Surrogate's Court.

So, whether you're being sued or contemplating a lawsuit, or embroiled in a complicated matter that looks like it could be heading to litigation, call us at (518) 583-4600.

We're tenacious and have a good success rate. Our fees are reasonable and the consultation is free.

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