Criminal Defense

What can an experienced Criminal Defense Attorney do for you?  Our experience runs the gamut from negotiating pleas for clients charged with simple harassment to trying cases involving serious felonies.  Should you or a loved one be faced with a serious charge (and all charges are serious) call us today for a free consultation.


If you're contacted by a representative of law enforcement - no matter how benign that contact seems - call a lawyer

The investigation of a crime (and often the information you provide) lays the groundwork for any charges that follow.  Remember, the intitial contact may seem harmless: experienced police officers know that they 'catch more flies with honey'.

If you're the subject of a criminal investigation a lawyer can advise you before you speak to investigators, and keep you from making damaging admissions.  A lawyer may, in some cases, be able to keep charges from being brought.


If charges are brought, a lawyer may be able to arrange for you to surrender at a time - and in a manner - that will minimize embarrassment and time spent in custody.


Arraignment is the first time a defendant appears in front of a judge, is officially advised of the charges, enters an initial plea (guilty or not-guilty), and is either released or jailed.  it's a critical stage in any criminal proceeding, and a lawyer can advise you, speak to the judge on your behalf, and negotiate terms of a pre-trial release.


It's one of the most important thngs that happens at arraignment: obtaining your release, and setting the terms of your release, while the charges are pending.  An experienced attorney can argue on your behalf for terms of release that will maximize your freedom and minimize your inconvenience.


An experienced lawyer will understand the nature of the charges against you, how the system works and, usually, will know the players involved.  He or she may be able to minimize your exposure (the danger posed by the charges> by negotiating a plea on your behalf.


Your lawyer will damand that the prosecutor provide information necessary to defend against the charges: a bill of particulars, for instance, providing expanded details about alleged crimes; information concerning concerning alleged victims; and evidence that may tend to show that you didn't do it.  An experienced lawyer will also examine the accusatory instruments for defects and may, in some cases, be able to get evidence suppressed or even get the charges dismissed.


An experienced lawyer is absolutely essential at trial.  Your lawyer will examine potential jurors to see if they can be fair (not all potential jurors can be fair).  He or she will test the prosecution's evidence and, if the evidence is weak, move to dismiss the case.  An experienced lawyer will present a defense that gives the jury your side of the story.


Please call us at (518) 583-4600 for a free consultation if you have been charged, or are being sought by police for questioning.  The consultation is without obligation or charge for the first half-hour.  Thereafter, our fees are extremely competitive and are tailored to meet the situation you find yourself in, as well as your budget and other factors.

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