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LeCours, Chertok & Yates, LLP, is a law firm with offices in Saratoga Springs, New York. Our three Saratoga County criminal attorneys have more than 50 years combined experience in defending people charged with criminal, DWI/DUI, and vehicle and traffic offenses.

Any criminal case is an uneven match. If you're charged with an offense, or even suspected of one, whether a traffic violation or felony you start out at a great disadvantage: someone in a position of authority has decided that you're guilty. The full resources of the state are massed against YOU, and the rules of this contest are quite complex.

A conviction (even for a traffic offense) can have devastating consequences, some of which aren't immediately obvious. You need an experienced Saratoga County criminal lawyer to advise you of your rights and options, explain the challenges and risks you face, and recommend the best course to take. Your attorney must be equipped to deal with the complexity of your situation while insuring that your rights are respected; negotiating a fair result, if that's the path you choose, or fighting for you through trial and verdict.

Our attorneys have obtained favorable plea bargains in thousands of cases -- and enjoy a strong winning record in cases where trial has been necessary to vindicate the client.

We are proud to say our record of maintaining "repeat clients" is quite good: over 65% of our new files come from previous clients or their referrals. We appreciate and reciprocate that trust.

Call (518) 583-4600 to speak with one of our attorneys. All information received will be kept in the strictest confidence. Your call is risk-free: if you don't retain us, there's no charge for your initial consultation.

Our Saratoga County criminal lawyers handle criminal, DWI/DUI, and vehicle and traffic cases in Saratoga, Warren, Washington, Albany, Schenectady and Rensselaer Counties, and other upstate counties, as well.

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